Increase of Efficiency in a Help Desk


Queries and operational procedures in a help desk are steered by a so-called ticket system. For each request a ticket will be generated and delivered by defined operational procedures. The compilation and administration is managed within a ticket system. The inauguration of a ticket system, based on the IT-Infrastructure-Library Standard (ITIL) used in the "msg systems ag", demands an analysis and reconfiguration of all work sequences and processes in terms of compatibility with this standard. During this redesign a measurement of the efficiency and productivity should be performed additionally, as well as the identification and implementation of improvements.
Within the scope of this master thesis all existent processes in the help desk will be checked towards current standards. Room for improvement will be developed and implemented. The following achievements should be delivered by the optimisation:
  • Identification and realisation of saving potentials
  • Optimisation of the workflow by standardization and controlling of the responsibilities
  • Automation of the work routines
  • Implementation of application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the processes
  • Visualisation of the processes to increase the transparency
  • Enhancement of the bidirectional communication and knowledge transfer between the first and second level support, as well as towards the users
  • Decrease of tickets by inauguration of a knowledge base and implementation of standard solutions.
The theoretical part of the master thesis comprises the comparison of common IT-standards and therefore the actual state of research. Expedient operating figures should be acquired to evaluate the operational procedures in the help desk of the msg systems ag. The practical part consists of the identification of all workflows and processes inside the help desk. They will be analysed on the basis of the chosen operating figures, as well as on the identification of optimisation potentials and their implementation.


Tom Gross, Supervisor
Georg Peters, Supervisor
Patricia Goernitz, Master's candidate

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