Survey on ESM and its Tools published in the ACM Journal on Human-Computer Interaction
We compiled a survey of ESM and its tools addressing technological capabilities for developers, study design opportunities for study administrators, and answering usability for study participants. It was published in the ACM Journal on Human-Computer Interaction, and presented at the EICS 2023 conference in Swansea, Wales, in June 2023.

The Experience Sampling Method (ESM) is a popular research method found in many fields to gather rich insights into participants’ thoughts, emotions, and daily routines near the moment they happen.

The survey comprises data from 30 systems, applications, and toolkits, which are used for ESM studies. We present our results on the current state of the art from these main user perspectives, list general shortcomings, and give recommendations for future ESM tools.

Gross, Tom and Malzhacker, Tony. The Experience Sampling Method and its Tools: A Review for Developers, Study Administrators, and Participants. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 7, EICS (June 2023). pp. 182:1-182:29. (ISSN: 2573-0142).