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TransWerk - The TransKoop Software Suite

TransWerk is a suite of software solutions for cooperative work environments in Thuringian businesses active in children's media. It displays concepts and systems that provide efficient networking and cooperation of distributed small and medium sized businesses. Each of the systems is focused on flexible support of social interaction. For further information on any of the projects, please contact us hereexternal link. For an overview of the TransKoop project, of which this suite is part of, please see hereexternal link. The homepage of the TransKoop project can be found here: www.transkoop.deexternal link (in German).


TransNetz is an effective tool for long-term networking among the children's media businesses in Thuringia. By supporting coexistence, it offers an important base for creating a social network between different cooperation partners. It allows the businesses to present a targeted profile to customers and partners, make new contacts and create projects.
An example of TransNetz can be viewed hereexternal link.

TransKom / TransMobil

TransKom is a technology, which supports communication in a network of businesses in the children's media sector. By exchanging text messages, employees can stay in contact with customers, as well as their colleagues in their own and partners in other businesses. Contacts can be grouped according to personal demand. Selective information and availability updates can be shared with an arbitrary number of partners. Furthermore, the integration and selective dissemination of sensor information can communicate the state of a users computer to certain contacts.

TransMobil is a mobile configuration client that works ins concert with the TransKom instant messaging system. The user can be localised using GPS on a mobile phone running TransMobil. Based on his location, a preset for the dissemination of information is set in TransKom.


The TransKoord system supports coordination of children's media businesses. It offers the user functions to create and manage calendars. The data can be synchronised with a central server. TransKoord allows collaborative sharing of calendar information depending on social context and the identity of the respective receivers. For every shared calendar, a precision level can be set, to control the amount of detail. Furthermore, the user can create and manage projects and set the level of detail, with which information is shared among the members of a project.


TransDok supports collaboration within a business as well as between businesses and is based on the concept of self-managed and role-based workgroups. The system allows storage, distribution and management of various files (documents, images, etc.) as well as the management of tasks, discussions and notes. An arbitrary number of objects can be stored and secure access can be granted to customers, colleagues and project partners. New members can simply be invited into the system via Email. A notification service provides users an overview of any changes and the activities of other members. A user can be a member in an arbitrary number of work groups.

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