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Laserpointer-Tracking in Real Environments


Augmented reality does not narrow itself to classic displays like monitors or screens, but utilises technolgies like calibrated projectors and radiometric compensation so every environment can become a display for interactive content. As classic desktop devices like keyboard and mouse do not suite such systems demand for intuitive and fast input devices. In this field Laserpointer-Tracking has turned out to be a good way to interact over a distance with a display.

In this thesis a system that enables Laserpointer-Tracking in real enviroments is introduced. A hybrid camera system, consisting of a pan-tilt-zoom camera - acting as a detail camera - and a fish-eye camera - in the role of a context camera - allows the localisation and tracking of a laserpoint, and therfore interaction in an area of 360◦ x 180◦. Thus the localisation of the laserpoint position enables interaction in the physical space.

Further the system is able to build a 3D model of the surrounding scenery by sampling geometric and textural information making use of the lasermodule and the detail camera.


Oliver Bimber, Supervisor
Tom Gross, Supervisor
Daniel Kurz, Bachelor candidate

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