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A Concept and System for the Active Learning of Children in Teams for Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) can bring teachers invaluable benefits for the use of digital education content in their lessons. In this point IWBs differ from conventional presentation sets because they provide broad opportunities to interact intuitively with the education content. Therefore educating software for this context needs to encourage that learners participate themselves into the process of content creation. For that purpose, in this thesis a crossmedial approach to a simple-to-use quiz authoring software that makes use of traditional work with paper sheets to create content for the Interactive Whiteboard is developed. In this approach, students can prepare a quiz in groups within a lesson on traditional fill-out sheets to generate an interactive quiz for the whiteboard. The project describes the steps of the development and design process. Furthermore a study wants to show how education software for Interactive Whiteboards can generates positive user experience.


Tom Gross, Supervisor
Eik List, Bachelor candidate

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