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The Cooperative Ubiquitous Environments Series


The main objective of this series is to develop and implement models describing context information in cooperative ubiquitous environments. The focus of this series will be also on the issues and challenges of cooperative work in ubiquitous environments, where users communicate using different equipment (mobile phones, computer, etc.), which require means of adaptation (downsizing, porting, etc.).


CUE SensorDaemon The aim of this project is to develop and implement a concept for an extendable client that enables continuous gathering of sensor data on personal computers (Winter term 2008/2009) ...more
CUE III The aim of this project is to address new issues of networking- and communication technologies between devices and the environment, which will help to design and implement new concepts (Winter term 2006/2007) ...more
CUE II Ubiquitous environments are able to detect the position and general situation of the users and to react accordingly (Summer term 2006) ...more
CUE I The increasing computing power and fast development of mobile communication and sensors enable developing novel ubiquitous and context-aware applications (Winter term 2005/2006) ...more


Tom Gross (Supervisor)
Mirko Fetter (Supervisor)
Thilo Paul-Stueve (Supervisor)

Alexander Blazic (Former Supervisor)

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