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An Approach for Persistence in Chat


The main goal of this work is to create persistent spaces of communication in the form of chat channels augmented by user status information and multiple ways of data exchange.

We aim to combine and extend functionalities of the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and instant messengers through the use of XMPP technology and a service architecture. The resulting applications should also be able to communicate through a plug in architecture that allows to feed status information and other interesting data directly into the communication context. This includes indicating a "busy" status while the user actively uses certain other applications, processing external sensor data and many more. One main focus will be to create concepts that allow users to pick up on conversations and information that happened while they were not present in the channel (e.g. history, "seen" command). Privacy and security considerations will accompany those features.

Different communication contexts will be analysed and appropriate feature and rule sets for channels supporting those situations will be developed. An implementation of extensible clients and servers will conclude this work.


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Tom Gross, Supervisor
Frank Schulz, Master's candidate

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