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The thesis Work deals with the topic of the mental illness schizophrenia. The goal of the Thesis is the development of an interactive program and the first prototype of this program. This program should help schizophrenic patients to train parts of everyday life during their stay in a mental institution. The prototype deals with the example of the preparation for a temporary layoff.

The thesis work is a cooperation work between the graduand and the mental institution Asklepios Stadtroda. Because of this cooperation work it should be possible to create a useful tool, coordinated to the needs of the therapist and patient.

The prototype tries to pay attention to the individual and specific needs of the therapist and patients. It is important for the program to be a part of the existing therapies and not an exclusive tool.

Current Status

Finished on October 15, 2004


Tom Gross, Supervisor
Inga Skowranek, Master's candidate

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