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Conception And Prototypical Implementation Of A Digital Planning And Analysis Table


Mission planning for tactical aircrafts (e.g., Tornado or Eurofighter) does not consist of the mission planning itself only, but also of an In-Briefing and a De-Briefing, especially for the involved aircrews. These activities are often supported actively by the work of several persons. For instance, a meteorologist presents the actual weather in the operational area and the squad leader explains the actual tasks. Both explain their topics on the basis of a geographical map and are able to work interactively on a map table, while the involved aircrews are also able to participate. Another possible application for geographic map tables is the area of homeland-security. For instance, if the protection of an infrastructure has to be planned, there are often several agencies engaged. A map table offers the feasibility of a collaborative planning on a single system. A few years ago the described planning was done on a paper - based map table, but because of available low - priced personal computers these planning systems were digitised and transferred to single user systems. The stimulus for the master thesis is a possible synergy effect between the modern digital technology and the traditional horizontal information presentation on a map table that seems to be more appropriate for that kind of group work. By dint of a well - founded analysis of software tools available at EADS Military Aircraft and the structure of the associated processes, a concept for a digital planning system ought to be developed. Because a appropriate hardware platform is presently not available, a main aspect of the system must be implemented in the form of a prototype running on the provided platforms. This prototype should clarify the feasibility and the usability of a future table - based system. An additional goal of this work is a technical recommendation for the purchase of a hardware system on which the hole system could be realised in the future.


Tom Gross, Supervisor
Malte Heinbockel, Master's candidate
Hans Speckbacher, EADS
Martin Kranich, EADS

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