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FrameDrops - My Flashy Geotagged Video Moblog


FrameDrops is an interactive web interface to video blogs where you can follow a personal way through time and space. Two steps further than oldstyle weblogs and a mixture of upcomming moblogs, richmedia-websites and location based services.

In Mid - November 2004, during an exchange visit at Bauhaus - associated institutions in Tokyo and Nagoya impressions were collected as media-messages by using contemporary mobile technology. Furthermore, the whole path through both and between those japanese metropolises was logged with a GPS-receiver so that all visual and textual information are bound to the location where they are created. The recorded data than can be watched through a graphical interface as soon as it is uploaded to the web.

The final user interface is done in Macromedia Flash MX 2004. With the ability to integrate video content, a new Component Architecture and advanced Webservice features it is now a powerfull frontend to controll media based webcontent. The server backend is running a modified version of the open-code project Antville - an easy to maintain and use weblog hosting system. The integrated Blogger and MetaWeblog API allows you to access elementary functionalities like story-management and image upload via XML-RPC. Extending these standards with a own FrameDropsAPI make it possible to completely handle all entries, files, topics and search requests out of Flash.

Current status

Finished on March 3, 2005



Jens Geelhaar, Supervisor
Tom Gross, Supervisor
Martin Kleppe, Master's candidate

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