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Optical Data Transfer from Public Displays


We present a novel technique for optical data transfer between public displays and mobile devices based on unsynchronized 4D barcodes. We assume that no direct (electromagnetic or other) connection between the devices can exist. Time-multiplexed, 2D color barcodes are displayed on screens and recorded with camera equipped mobile phones. This allows to transmit information optically between both devices. Our approach maximizes the data throughput and the robustness of the barcode recognition, while no immediate synchronization exists. Although the transfer rate is much smaller than it can be achieved with electromagnetic techniques (e.g., Bluetooth or WiFi), we envision to apply such a technique wherever no direct connection is available. 4D barcodes can, for instance, be integrated into public web-pages, movie sequences or advertisement presentations, and they encode and transmit more information than possible with single 2D or 3D barcodes.


Oliver Bimber, Supervisor
Tom Gross, Supervisor
Tobias Langlotz, Master's candidate

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