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Ubiquitous Computing and Architecture


Computer served processes in architecture become more important. Data, taken from sensors, are used to manage devices, similarly to car technology. In this thesis, terms and sensors, related to ubiquitous computing in architecture, are described. Products, dealing with information visualisation, are introduced and fields of interest in buildings are defined. Examples of research buildings of the last years are investigated and critically commented by the author. The impact on architecture is discussed and the possibility of upgrading existing buildings in their interior is described.

An own proposal is shown at the example of doors and door handles. This design deals with the potential of an existing architectural element to be used as output and input device. Doors are “membranes” of spaces, separation and connection are combined in one element. This principle is extended to information and data.

The door sheet is a double sided touch-screen. At the inside of an office it functions as a display for a small audience and as a direct or peripheral information board for the owner. The outside is an interface between visitor/owner/building/room/company. The visitor gets information about the office owner and, in the case of absence, can leave data, notes or voice messages at the door. For the owner the door provides relevant information while entering the office, for example about presence of colleagues, company relevant information or internet based data. Settings of the room are made at the door or change automatically by entering.

The door handle is enriched by four functions: The colour indicates the level of activity of the owner. A fingerprint reader is integrated. A button that can be used like a mouse. And sensors for skin temperature and moisture are embedded. These devices are placed in an ergonomic way that the natural use of the handle is not disturbed.


Tom Gross, Supervisor
Bernd Rudolf, Supervisor
Ulf Pleines, Master's candidate

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