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Project Instant Messenger Infrastructure (PRIMI) - Summer Term 2004


Instant messenger applications support informal and spontaneous communication between two logged in users. The aim of this project is to define and apply an open instant messaging client-server-infrastructure.

Nearly everyone who has some computer experience has used some kind of Instant Messanger like the the well known AIM(TM), ICQ(TM), MSN(TM) or Yahoo(TM) messengers and knows their strenghts and weaknesses. In this project we are going to develop an easy to use, webbased, non-commercial instant messaging infrastructure.

The infrastructure is planned to support common basic Instant Messaging functionality as well as the following special features:
  • the client should run and function on java webstart enabled operation systems
  • presence awareness algorithm
  • contact list management
  • central server application with user database
  • the client application should be able to work as answering machine
  • faceted user profile so contacts in different groups have only access to aspect of the personal information the user wants them to see
  • file transfer
  • typing-o-meter
  • content aware message editor
  • content based conversation threading/splitting


Internal Resources (Restricted Access)
Internal CML-BSCW workspace for this project
This project's internal Tikiwiki


Simone Braun
Friedrich Hartmann
Joerg Hoffmann
Karsten Klueger
Susanne Krause
Christian Rotzoll
Tino Rueb
Hagen Toennies

Tom Gross (Supervisor)
Tareg Egla (Supervisor)
Christoph Oemig (Supervisor)

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