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General Information

This page gives prospective students of the CML a quick overview of opportunities for theses, as well as some general information about the organisation of theses at the CML.

As for the CML in general, the research interests and activities include the following topics: methodological, conceptual, and technological foundation for the design of cooperative environments; group awareness and context support; as well as novel user interfaces for ubiquitous, mobile, and ambient applications.

Currently we have the following opportunities, starting immediately:

Bachelor, Master's, and Diploma theses topics

  • Please contact Prof. Dr. Tom Gross

Ph.D. theses topics

  • Please contact Prof. Dr. Tom Gross

Organisational matters

In a thesis at the CML you will learn how to organise and carry out a research activity on your own, but with the help of supervisors and senior graduate students. The typical process of a thesis is that you start by digging into the literature and then defining milestones for your research activities. You will carry out the research---typically constisting of some conceptual work and some implementation of software---and document the results in a thesis. During this time you will participate and exchange with other students in a thesis seminar, where you will give a short presentation of your proposal at the beginning of your research, and another presentation of your end results towards the end of your research.

For any further question, please contact Prof. Dr. Tom Gross.

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