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The FamilyFaces is a contact management tool supporting families when managing their contacts and information disclosure. FamilyFaces is based on a card-game metaphor on large displays to provide wide-spread access to family members, from teenagers to grandparents. The FamilyFaces? is based on the principle of an ongoing process of selective information disclosure of the respective family towards their social contacts. So, besides simply creating and maintaining contacts like in traditional addressbooks, the FamilyFaces? also allows the family to specify their preferences concerning the information they want to share with the contacts. For instance, the family can decide that aschool friend of a child gets the number of the wired family phone, but not the numbers of the parents’ mobile phones.

Figure 1. FamilyFaces scenario.

The FamilyFaces is based on PRIMIFacesLift and founded on the Faces concept for selective disclosure of personal and context-related information PRIMIFaces. FamilyFaces? is used on the wall-mounted SMART Board together with a Beamer for the front projection and is running Mac OS X version 10.4.9. FamilyFaces is realised in Java as a GUI Plug-in for PRIMI as a GUIPlugin. The FamilyFacesGUIPlugin is programmed in Java Swing and fully implements Drag and Drop functionality for all elements to best possible support the tangible interaction at the wall-display.

Figure 2. FamilyFaces GUI.

FamilyFaces was implemented with the aim to allow for low threshold and high ceiling when managing contacts and specifying selective information disclosure in faces with the whole family. We chose a card-game metaphor, because it supports a fast and easy start of use, and at the same time allows complex specifications of contacts and faces.


Tom Gross
Mirko Fetter

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