The research of the Cooperative Media Lab (CML) is based on a human-centred computing perspective---that is, we aim to develop technological concepts, prototypes, and systems based on an understanding of how people interact with and communicate through computing technology. We depart from an understanding of human, social, and cultural issues in order to make technology useful and usable. The primary focus of attention is thereby on human activity in context. From this perspective we design, develop, and evaluate concepts and systems for working, learning, and social interaction.

The contributions of the CML are primarily in the following areas:
  • Foundation: methodological, conceptual, and technological foundation for the design of cooperative environments
  • Systems, platforms, and infrastructures: concepts, implementation, and evaluation of interactive systems
  • Group awareness and context support: sensors for capturing information, indicators for presenting information, models of information and user contexts
  • Novel interaction design: concepts, implementation, and evaluation of mobile and Web-based user interfaces as well as physical interfaces

These contributions are organised in the following research strands:

Student research activities

The remaining activities are the following student research activities: Masters’ and Bachelor theses; individual student research and lab projects. Several activities can be emerge around 3 of our basic themes related to concepts and platforms for instant messaging (including the PRIMI Series); concept and platforms for sensor-based infrastructures (including the Sens-ation Series); and prototyping of cooperative, ubiquitous environments (including the CUE Series). We are listing some of the current and past activities at the CML below (to give you an immediate impression of the most current work first, they are mostly listed in reverse chronological order).

If you are a student new to the CML, please have a look at our Ph.D., Master's, Bachelor's thesis opportunities, our Support page, and our Guidelines and Regulations.

Master's theses

Bachelor's theses

Student research and lab projects

Previous student research activities (chronological order):
Summer term 2010:

Winter term 2009/2010:

Summer term 2009:

Winter term 2008/2009:

Summer term 2008:

Winter term 2007/2008:

Summer term 2007:

Winter term 2006/2007:

Summer term 2006:

Winter term 2005/2006:

Summer term 2005:

Winter term 2004/2005:

Summer term 2004:

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